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Willa of TuscanyAge: 55 years911966

Willa of Tuscany
Given names
of Tuscany
Birth estimated 911

MarriageBerengar II King of ItalyView this family
before 936 (Age 25 years)

Birth of a son
Adalbert Markgrave of Ivrea, joint-King of Italy
about 936 (Age 25 years)

Birth of a daughter
Susanna “Rozala” of Italy
about 955 (Age 44 years)

[S01362] Europäische Stammtafeln, Band II, Frank Baron Freytag von Loringhoven, 1975, Isenburg, W. K. Prinz von. Page 9 [S00160] Caroli Magni Progenies, Neustadt an der Aisch, 1977 , Rösch, Siegfried. 167 [S00028] ~Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels, Fürstliche Häuser . 1961
Birth of a grandson
Eudes Guillaume Comte de Bourgogne, Comte de Mâcon
about 955 (Age 44 years)

Death of a husbandBerengar II King of Italy
August 6, 966 (Age 55 years)
Death after 966 (Age 55 years)
Willa of Tuscany is great ×28 grandmother of Private.
Family with Berengar II King of Italy - View this family
Marriage: before 936
1 year
20 years

SourceGenealogics - Leo van de Pas
Caroli Magni Progenies, Neustadt an der Aisch, 1977 , Rösch, Siegfried. 137
Note: Extensive source. Uses many important and established sources, such as:
BIOGRAPHY Willa was born about 911, the daughter of Boso of Arles, margrave of Tuscany, and Willa de Bourgogne. Before 936 she married Berengar II, king of Italy, son of Adalbert 'the Rich', margrave of Ivrea, and Gisela of Friaul. She was the mother of Adalbert, Guy, Konrad and several daughters including Rozala, of whom Adalbert and Rozala are recorded with progeny. It is almost certain that Rozala ('little Red') was a nickname, and that she was christened Susanna, possibly after the biblical Susanna falsely accused by her elders, to emphasise her mother's innocence of the charge of adultery with a chaplain who was tutoring her other daughters. Rozala married twice, and was known as Susanna in and after both marriages. Willa mistreated her first cousin Aelis (Adelheid) de Bourgogne, widow of Lothar, king of Italy, when Berengar held her captive for several months in 951, attempting unsuccessfully to force her to marry his son Adalbert. The chronicler Liutprand of Cremona, raised at the court of Pavia, gives several particular vivid accounts of Willa's character. After Berengar's deposition by Emperor Otto I, who then married Aelis, Willa was held captive in a German nunnery. She died in Bamberg after 966.
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Note: Page of the Vita Mathildis. From left to right: on top: Tedaldus marchio (Tedald of Canossa) and his wife Guillia comitissa (Willa of Tuscany). On the bottom: Tedaldus eps. (possibly the same as above), Bonifacius (Boniface of Tuscany, Tedald's son) and Chonradus (possibly Emperor Conrad).