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Eudes Guillaume Comte de Bourgogne, Comte de MâconAge: 71 years9551026

Eudes Guillaume Comte de Bourgogne, Comte de Mâcon
Given names
Eudes Guillaume
Name suffix
Comte de Bourgogne, Comte de Mâcon

Otto-William Count of Burgundy

Otto-William Count of Burgundy
Given names
Name suffix
Count of Burgundy
Birth about 955 19

Death of a paternal grandfatherBerengar II King of Italy
August 6, 966 (Age 11 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherWilla of Tuscany
after 966 (Age 11 years)
Death of a fatherAdalbert Markgrave of Ivrea, joint-King of Italy
about 975 (Age 20 years)
MarriageErmentrud de RoucyView this family
about 982 (Age 27 years)

Death of a motherGerberga de Mâcon
about 990 (Age 35 years)

Birth of a daughter
Agnes de Bourgogne
about 995 (Age 40 years)

Death of a wifeErmentrud de Roucy
March 5, 1003 (Age 48 years)

Marriage of a childGuillaume III-V “le Grand” Duc d'Aquitaine 996-1030, Comte de PoitouAgnes de BourgogneView this family
about 1018 (Age 63 years)

Birth of a grandson
Guillaume V-VII Duke of Aquitaine, Comte de Poitou
about 1023 (Age 68 years)

Death September 21, 1026 (Age 71 years)

Eudes Guillaume Comte de Bourgogne, Comte de Mâcon is great ×27 grandfather of Private.
Family with parents - View this family
Family with Ermentrud de Roucy - View this family
Ermentrud de Roucy is great ×4 grandfather’s great ×4 granddaughter of Eudes Guillaume Comte de Bourgogne, Comte de Mâcon.
(Common ancestor: Louis I “the Pious” Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 814-840)
Marriage: about 982
14 years
Aubry II Comte de Mâcon et Salins + Ermentrud de Roucy - View this family
wife’s husband
Marriage: about 970

SourceGenealogics - Leo van de Pas
Caroli Magni Progenies, Neustadt an der Aisch, 1977 , Rösch, Siegfried. 166 Biogr. details drawn from Wikipedia .
Note: Extensive source. Uses many important and established sources, such as:
BIOGRAPHY Eudes Guillaume was born about 955, the son of Adalbert, markgrave of Ivrea, joint-king of Italy, and Gerberga de Mâcon. About 982 he married Ermentrude/Irmgard de Roucy, widow of Aubry II, comte de Mâcon et Salins, and daughter of Ragenold/Renaud, comte de Roucy, and Alverade de Lorraine. Eudes and Ermentrud had five children, of whom their son Renaud and three daughters would have progeny. From about 1015 Eudes Guillaume was married to an Adelaide whose origins are unknown. Eudes' mother gave him what would become the free county of Burgundy (Franche-Comté) around Dôle in 982. Eudes also inherited the duchy of Burgundy on the other side of the Saône in 1002 from his stepfather Henri 'the Great', duc de Bourgogne. The duchy then corresponded to the diocese of Besançon in the Holy Roman Empire. He was also count of Maçon in France. Burgundy was annexed to the crown of France by King Robert II in 1004. Determined to be sovereign ruler of his own lands, Eudes revolted against Emperor Heinrich II in 1016. This was after Rudolf III of Burgundy, the last king of that realm, had done homage to Heinrich at Strasbourg, making him his protector and heir. Eudes died on 21 September 1026, and was succeeded as count of Burgundy by Renaud. However the county fell under the suzerainty of the German emperors.