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Charles Martel “the Hammer” Mayor of the palace and duke of AustrasiaAge: 65 years676741

Charles Martel “the Hammer” Mayor of the palace and duke of Austrasia
Given names
Charles Martel
Name suffix
Mayor of the palace and duke of Austrasia
the Hammer

Carolus Martellus

Carolus Martellus
Given names
Carolus Martellus
Birth about 676 41

Death of a paternal grandfatherAnsegisel
between 662 and 679

Death of a paternal grandmotherSaint Begga
December 17, 693 (Age 17 years)

Birth of a son
Pippin “the Short” King of the Franks
714 (Age 38 years)

Birth of a son
between 706 and 716 (Age 30 years)

Source: Wikipedia
Death of a fatherPepin of Herstal
December 16, 714 (Age 38 years)
Death of a wifeChrodtrud
about 725 (Age 49 years)

Death October 22, 741 (Age 65 years)
Charles Martel “the Hammer” Mayor of the palace and duke of Austrasia is great ×34 grandfather of Hendrikus van Doorn.
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Not married:
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Marriage: about 673
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3 years

NoteGenealogics - Leo van de Pas
SourceGenealogics - Leo van de Pas
Caroli Magni Progenies, Neustadt an der Aisch, 1977 , Rösch, Siegfried, Reference: 52
Note: Extensive source. Uses many important and established sources, such as:
* REMARKS: In 732 defeated the Arabs at Poitiers * BIOGRAPHY Son of Pippin by his mistress Alpais, Charles was chosen Duke of Austrasia in 714. In 720 he became mayor of the palace of King Clothaire IV and was the true ruler of the Franks. His first battles were with the Saxons, Alemanni and Bavarians. However, his importance was established when he rolled back the Saracens in a desperate battle between Tours and Poitiers in 732. Prior to this battle, Abdul Rahman, the Arab governor of Spain, had won a great battle near Bordeaux. This Moslem threat united the Burgundians and the Gauls of Provence, who then acknowledged the sovereignty of Charles Martel, recognising him as their saviour from the Moslem conquests. The battle at Poitiers is important because it halted the Moslem conquest of Europe. Charles finished his work by driving the Saracens out of Burgundy and the Languedoc in 737. Charles never aspired to be more than 'mayor of the palace' and duke of Austrasia. When he died in 741, his sons Carloman and Pippin, still joint mayors of the palace, shared power over the kingdom of the Franks with Merovingian King Childeric III of the Franks.
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